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The sleeping Bear


What's New?


Be sure to check out our Facebook group, Sleeping Bear Hollow, for all our latest news and to give us valuable input on upcoming projects. Don't forget to learn about our reward program too!


We have lots of new things planned for 2019 that we are excited to share with everyone. You can be sure to see new designs along with felted soap, shampoo and conditioner bars. We are ready to meet lots of new and old faces with many of our regular show venues and several new ones - including a couple road trips! Be sure to join us with a brand new year and new adventures.

Be sure to keep an early look out for our holiday products this year. We are jump starting production in August as we are expecting a new little one in late October. If you plan to place any custom bulk orders for the holiday please contact us prior this year so we can be certain to meet your needs on time. Also check out our bulk soap orders that will be available soon at discount pricing - an entire loaf of 9 bars.




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