We strongly believe in repurposing and reusing items whenever possible which is why we offer refill pricing on all our products packaged in glass. Simply drop off your glassware at an upcoming event or order pickup location and we will contact you when your item has been refilled. Scrub cubes can be ordered directly as they are delivered in a prepackage sleeve for your convenience.

Bath Salts - $8

Bath Teas - $6

Body Scrubs - $8

Scrub Cubes - $4

Roll-On Synergies - $6

Seconds Quality

In an effort to bring in more value priced items for our customers we are now offering seconds quality items. Items defined as seconds do not meet our expectations for quality, rather than throw these items away, we are now offering them at a discounted price point. We promise that all seconds items sold still function normally in terms of purpose but may be discolored, cracked/broken, or significantly dented

Essential Oils

We use essential oils in many of our products and strive to use only quality oils purchased from companies such as Plant Therapy, Edens Garden and Rocky Mountain Oils. In addition to quality, we also believe strongly in proper usage. While essential oils can create wonderful benefits, they need to be properly blended and diluted. All of our synergies are blended based on the notes of individual oils and proportioned for proper dilution for safe usage – for this reason shower steamers should never be used for soaking.

If you are looking for a certain benefit found in essential oils, feel free to contact us about a custom order or we can answer any questions you have about essential oil usage to the best of our abilities.

Fragrance & Flavor

While we prefer to use essential oils and natural fragrance when possible, not all scents can be created without fragrance or flavor oil. Fruits and bakery scents in particular simply do not exist in an essential oil form. We do opt for natural fragrance whenever it is possible and are constantly on the lookout for ways to avoid these oils without compromising the quality of our products. All our fragrances are phthalate and formaldehyde free.

Polysorbate 80

You will find polysorbate 80 as an ingredient only in our mica based products. Polysorbate acts as an emulsifier which prevents the mica from sticking and staining the skin or bath tub. This emulsifier is derived from dehydrated sugar alcohol and combined with a fatty acid; it is not known as a skin irritant and is completely safe for bath and body. Polysorbate 80 is also commonly found in vaccines and vitamins.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA)

We currently only have only one product that utilizes SLSA which is S’mores, our bubble bath bomb. SLSA is a compound that is derived from palm oil and used to create a bubble effect. Do not confuse SLSA with sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, both of these compounds are known to create skin irritation in addition to containing ingredients known to cause cancer. SLSA has none of these properties.


We use certified dyes and colorants that have been tested for both safety and behavior in bath tub applications. Lake and water soluble dyes are listed by their color names on all our product labels while mica colorants are listed as mica or mica powder. Mica colorants are typically made up of a combination of mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide/tin dioxide/other pigment. We do strongly strongly suggest rinsing any excess mica directly after the bath on mica heavy bombs to prevent staining as noted on the product page. Colorants in general do not stain but may stick to any bath tub scum or build-up that has accumulated prior to use. A wet washcloth is usually enough to remove any grime and is suggested prior to bath bomb or colored TOT salt use. If you prefer no colorant, please contact us for a custom order with no color or a natural colorant (doesn't tint the water), or you can check out our Bear Essentials set.