Clear Skies Steamer

Clear Skies Steamer

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Crisp uplifting blend to clear your mind of tension. With a minty lemon note, this essential oil blend works to ease headaches and tension through the use of aromatherapy. Each steamer contain high amounts of essential oils and should only be used in an aromatherapy application - not for bathing.

Purpose: Headaches/Tension

How To Use: Place the steamer, flat surface down, on the floor of your shower or on a nearby shelf. For best use, choose an area where the steamer is not directly in the shower stream but close enough to be reached by water splatter or occasional pooling a few inches in front of where you stand. Each person has their own sweet spot for steamers based on your personal shower configuration - you can gently move the steamer back and forth until you find your perfect spot. Additionally, you may also use steamers in a sink with a slow water drip when getting ready in the morning. 

On average, most people get two uses per steamer though some may get one use and others up to four - uses varies based on one's shower habits and configurations. If you do get more than one use per steamer we suggest storing it in a sealed container such as a mason jar or other airtight container.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, arrowroot powder, witch hazel, frankincense carterii oil, lemongrass oil, eucalyptus radiata oil, peppermint oil, Yellow 5.

Made to order, please allow extra time for creation and shipping/delivery.

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